Pomona Food Program

We are partnering with the Family Support and Resource Center of the Pomona Unified School District in their mission to provide Emergency Basic Needs (Food, Clothing and temporary shelter) to homeless children and their families.

There is an estimated 3,400 children in the city of Pomona, CA that are considered homeless, or lacking a fixed, regular, or adequate residence. In an effort to help these children succeed in school, the school district provides services to help these families improve the quality of their lives and establish homes that allow children to thrive.

Seva Circle is supporting this mission by providing emergency funds to provide temporary shelter to families that have been evicted from their homes. We are also packaging and distributing bags of food twice a month as emergency supplies to help these families survive.

Our immediate goal is to increase the amount of food we can distribute in order to help more families. With your help we will also expand our support beyond the immediate emergency needs to provide other services geared toward helping these families improve their situation.


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October 5, 2018

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