Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine

Partnering with key organizations on the ground to provide much need aid and support to the people of Ukraine.


We are working to support 3 organizations doing important work in Ukraine and Poland to help displaced people from Ukraine.

We are helping these local organizations continue their work:

  • Moving families across borders and out of harm’s way – with high priority for the handicapped, elderly and those with special needs. When a request is received, they coordinate transportation based on urgency availability, capacity and location and then they arrange a safe pick up, monitor transportation across Ukraine and into a neighboring country, while navigating military activity, road conditions, medical needs and an array of other events.
  • Provide basic information to refugees about their next steps upon arriving in a new country. They help to provide information and support to important questions like: Where am I going next? How can I travel further? Is there a place to stay? How can I receive medical aid? How do I legalize my stay in Poland?
  • Help protect women and children from the unfortunate increase in human trafficking in these refugee camps
  • Help refugees find long term housing, job placement and other support (counseling, schooling, government resources) in their new country.
  • Deliver critical aid to areas of need within Ukraine. The same drivers that pick up and help transport families out of their war torn homes, are also bringing to those towns much needed medical supplies, clothing, hygiene items, candles, diapers, food, etc.
  • Providing non-lethal territorial defense supplies to help many of the civilian defenders risking and sacrificing their lives. Items include ballistic vests, field medical kits, infrared goggles, helmets, gloves, backpacks, boots, etc.

Mother and daughter taking a moment to comfort each other in a temporary home as they resettle in Poland.

Family experiencing the sorry of separation from loved ones as they flee their country

Volunteers setting 500+ beds in a warehouse in Poland for incoming refugees

Family arriving from Ukraine into Poland

Join us in bringing Hope to others

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